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Xact Software . was incorporated in 2002 by a team of IT Professionals with the objective of setting up a software development unit to cater to the fast growing needs in the IT Sector. We as Xact Software are an IT organization with in house product development and services focused on providing Software and Web Development solutions to enhance customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, and corporate performance to drive business growth.

Trust :
Xact, with actions, segment and numerous management structures by description, a multipart company. Mutual trust between colleagues and their management is essential for the correct conduct of the trade and effective management of mission.

Team Spirit:
Xact's business is based on delivering projects which involve collective order and efforts to perform them productively as well as networking to guarantee that the Group takes complete benefit of all accessible expertise. This team spirit, supported by the aspiration to grow each employee, extends to relationship with partners and customers.

Xact |obliges to deliver products and services to its clientele which meet their expectations in terms of worth, value and timely delivery. To meet up these commitments to customers, a sense of action is precedence for all human resources throughout the Xact Software.

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